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Firm launches newsletter service

| | Aug 16, 2012 | 6:01 pm
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Firm launches newsletter service

BSRIA, a consultancy, test, instruments and research organisation providing services in construction, building services and facilities management, has announced launching its new newsletter service, which began in October 2011. Called WMI News, it aims to bring global industry news from the last few months and an analysis on what the impact will be on the market.

BSRIA said that the WMI News will be released on a quarterly basis and will be free to all WMI clients, BSRIA members and subscribers. According to BSRIA, the contents of BSRIA WMI News Issue 3 can be downloaded from: https://www.bsria.co.uk/file-depot/28101-DA54377B.

The issue contains the following stories

  • New Production Line of R290 Air Conditioning Units [India]
  • Kingspan Varisol HP Advanced Heat Pipe Technology [Ireland]
  • US Solar Panel Firm Leaves Gloomy Germany [USA]
  • Hitachi Expands Its Air Conditioning Business In Europe [Japan]
  • District Heating Cogeneration Success For Centrax [Germany]
  • Walter Meier Acquires Company Port-a-cool [USA]
  • Danfoss Range of Heat Pumps for Commercial Sector [UK]
  • St-Gobain Complete Brossette and Build Centre Acquisitions [France]
  • Midea Raises its Sales Prices [China]
  • UK Prolongs Support for Household Heat Pump Installations [UK]
  • Smart Cities to Rise From Earthquake Disaster Networks Market [Japan]
  • UK Prolongs Support for Household Heat Pump Installations [UK]
  • China Set to Construct More Green Buildings [China]

For further information, BSRIA advises readers to contact: bsria@bsria.co.uk

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