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Aquatech awarded contract

Will install wastewater recycle and zero liquid discharge system in China

| | Aug 16, 2012 | 5:44 pm
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Will install wastewater recycle and zero liquid discharge system in China

Aquatech, a water purification technology provider for industrial and infrastructure markets, has announced that it has been awarded a contract for the design, engineering, supply and supervision of installation and commissioning of a concentrated brine treatment plant at the Chinacoal Tuke Fertilizer Project in China. The project is located in the city of Ordos in the Inner Mongolia region.

Ordos is reportedly an area with water scarcity and is under the threat of desertification. Hence, the pollution control norms are very strict, and a zero liquid discharge (ZLD) facility in local projects is a mandatory requirement, the announcement said.

According to Aquatech, the EPC contractor for the project, East China Engineering Science & Technology (ECEC), selected it to implement a wastewater recycle and ZLD system at the site, and as part of the water treatment system, it is supplying two units – a high efficiency reverse osmosis (HERO) unit and a ZLD unit.

Claiming that ECEC evaluated various technologies available in the Industry before selecting the process offered by it in view of its proven record of higher recovery from wastewater systems and better life cycle costs, Aquatech highlighted the finer points of the process: The reject water from the effluent treatment plant is fed to the HERO plant, which consists of a clarifier, followed by a dual media filter, a weak acid cation unit, and then a reverse osmosis (RO) unit. The reject from the RO is sent to a brine concentrator and then to an evaporation pond. The RO permeate and the distillate from the brine concentrator is collected in the RO permeate tank.

“With this order intake, Aquatech is now well-equipped to offer optimised wastewater recycle and zero liquid discharge solutions, not only to the emerging coal chemical market segment, but also to other complex wastewater recycle and ZLD requirements in other industries in the Chinese market,” said Tom Tseng, General Manager, Aquatech (Guangzhou) Water Treatment Company.

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