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Allegra LS centrifugal fan coil units


| | Aug 16, 2012 | 6:42 pm
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Claiming that it offers an innovative design with superior acoustics, low energy, ease of installation and maintenance, France-based Lennox HVAC EMEA has introduced Allegra LS fan coil range.

In terms of control, the manufacturer says that the product comes with possibilities of standalone, remote or infra-red, master/slave, with communication capability.

The manufacturer lists the following product features and benefits:

  • Allegra LS fan coil range is available in nine sizes and four different versions – wall and ceiling-mounted units, exposed or concealed.
  • The two and four-pipe version can be offered with three or four rows main coil, and in the four-pipe version the auxiliary coil can be proposed with one or two rows, giving improved outputs at lower flow and return temperatures.
  • All Allegra LS fan coils are equipped with six-speed motors as standard, offering greater flexibility in the selection.
  • As an option, the e-Drive concept can be used. In this case, the brushless synchronous electronic motor with permanent magnets is controlled by an inverter board-mounted on the unit. The airflow can be then varied continuously by means of a 1-10 V signal generated by the controls or by independent control systems.
  • It allows improving the acoustic comfort.
  • It offers reduction in energy consumption of less than 50% compared to an AC motor.
  • The system is fully compliant with the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive.
  • It comes with a wide possibility of accessories for the unit with or without a cabinet, such as auxiliary electrical heater, air inlet/outlet diffusers and condensate pumps, which offer great flexibility and allow meeting most installation requirements.
  • The company can provide F9 electronic electrostatic filter, regarded as the highest filtration efficiency for such a product on the market.
  • The range is Eurovent certified.
  • It offers airflow of 105-1500m3/h with a cooling capacity of 600W to 7.6kW.

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