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Qatar Oryx Chapter holds seminar

Focus on LEED 2009 update and ASHRAE standard 189.1-2011

| | Jul 11, 2012 | 10:37 am
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Focus on LEED 2009 update and ASHRAE standard 189.1-2011

ASHRAE Qatar Oryx Chapter organised a seminar on May 19 at the College of North Atlantic on the topic: Green Building Overview: LEED 2009 Update and ASHRAE Standard 189.1-2011. The presentation was made by Dr Thomas M Lawrence, PhD, PE, LEED-AP, of the Faculty of Engineering, The University of Georgia, USA. Dr Lawrence made salient points on the subject under discussion and explained each point in great detail with facts and figures.

To begin with, drawing attention to the environmental impact of buildings in the US, both commercial and residential, he gave the following statistics:

  • 65.2% of total US electricity consumption > 36% of US primary use
  • 30% of total US greenhouse gas emissions
  • 136 million tonnes of construction and demolition waste in the US (approx 2.8 lbs/person/day)
  • 12% of potable water in the US
  • 40% (three billion tonnes annually) of raw material used globally

Dr Lawrence spelt out what was meant by WISER:

  • Water efficiency
  • Indoor environment quality
  • Sustainable sites
  • Energy and atmosphere
  • Resources and materials

He also gave the summary of LEED NC 2009 points:

  • Sustainable Site 8 credits/26 points
  • Water Conservation and Efficiency 3 credits/10 points
  • Energy and Atmosphere 6 credits/35 points
  • Materials and Resources 7 credits/14 points
  • Indoor Environmental Quality 8 credits/15 points

Total points: 100
Innovation and design: 6 points
Regional priority: 4 points
Total possible points: 110
Prerequisites required: 8

He reiterated the LEED Rating System (2009 update)

  • Certified Level 40-49 points
  • Silver Level 50-59 points
  • Gold Level 60-79 points
  • Platinum Level 80+ points

Dr Lawrence also highlighted that Standard 189.1 sets standards for performance or lists specific equipment requirements, but that it does not specify exact design and implementation methods.

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