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ClimaCheck participates in COOL-SAVE project

Believes business-as-usual attitude needs to change for energy efficiency

| | Jul 11, 2012 | 12:07 pm
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Believes business-as-usual attitude needs to change for energy efficiency

ClimaCheck, the Swedish cleantech company, has, together with eight other companies and organisations in Europe, been granted 1.3 million Euro in funding from Intelligent Energy Europe for the COOL-SAVE project, with the aim to reduce the energy used for refrigeration in the European food and drink sector through optimisation of the plants. The project will start with measuring and analysing the refrigeration systems of 25 representative plants and develop cost-effective strategies to improve energy efficiency in the industry, the announcement said.

According to ClimaCheck, around 15% to 20% of the world’s electrical production is utilised by cooling and air conditioning systems, and therefore, have a large untapped energy-saving potential, often up to 20% to 30%, which can be saved by systematic optimisation of the operation.

Speaking about his organisation’s participation in the European initiative, Klas Berglof, CEO, ClimaCheck Sweden, said:

“I am convinced that this is one of many important steps to improve the energy efficiency of cooling in the food and drink sector. To increase the awareness of potential energy savings in the servicing sector as well as with the equipment owners is necessary to put the focus and allocate resource to optimisation projects.”

He added that as long as everybody took for granted, without establishing facts by measurements that plants operate well, there would be no challenge to the status quo and no change in the business-as-usual attitude.

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