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Eros Group launches Hitachi refrigerator

Claims that Ultra Big2 series reduces 15% more energy

| | Jun 11, 2012 | 8:45 pm
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Claims that Ultra Big2 series reduces 15% more energy

Eros Group has announced launching Hitachi’s Ultra Big2 series refrigerators in the UAE, featuring, in what it claims to be advanced features like a large moisture-guard vegetable compartment, intelligent inverter compressor, advanced minus zero cooling, eco-thermo sensor and a two-way humidity controller innovation, which helps maintain high humidity up to 90% and retains moisture in vegetables stored. It is also equipped with special dual fan cooling which provides two dedicated fans, one each for the freezer and refrigerator compartments so that chilled air can be delivered only to the refrigerator compartment or only to the freezer or both as required, to provide 10% more cooling power and reduce 15% more energy consumption, the announcement added.

Speaking on the occasion, Deepak Babani, CEO of Eros Group, said: “Eros Group is committed towards bringing the latest and finest of products to its consumers in the UAE. We are proud to launch Hitachi’s latest offering, the Ultra Big2 Refrigerator, which has a cutting-edge technology that will truly enrich the living experience. The product will be a breakthrough and we are confident that it will appeal to all.”

Haruki Hirose, Managing Director for Hitachi Consumer Marketing Middle East office, endorsing this, added, “At Hitachi, we believe in inspiring others to live a good life by offering those products with latest and innovative technology.”

The newly launched refrigerator series will be available at all its outlets across the country, Eros Group revealed.

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