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Ecotherm participates in Project Qatar

Launches fibre-fleece insulation and photovoltaic product range at the exhibition

| | Jun 11, 2012 | 8:35 pm
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Launches fibre-fleece insulation and photovoltaic product range at the exhibition

Ecotherm, an Austria-based provider of individual solar, hot water and steam systems, has announced exhibiting its products at Project Qatar, a fair dedicated to products and services in the field of design, construction, environmental technology and materials, which was held in Doha from April 30 to May 2. Presenting its new fibre-fleece insulation solution for the first time to the public was the highlight of its participation in the exhibition, Ecotherm revealed. The insulation system with polyester fiber-fleece offers up to 30% less heat loss in standby mode compared to conventional foam insulations, and the patented aluminium closure strip allows simple and quick opening of the outer cover by only one person, the company claimed.

In addition to the fiber-fleece insulation solutions, it also presented its new product range, photovoltaic solutions, Ecotherm revealed, and added that it had been providing photovoltaic solutions of up to 7,000 kWp since February this year. “Our engineers select the optimal combination of photovoltaic modules and inverters for each project,” said Herbert Bremstaller, Managing Director and owner of Ecotherm. “We can simulate the performance of the plant during the year and offer our customers the possibility of visualisations, animations and options for monitoring the system in operation.”

Pointing out that Ecotherm had been active in Qatar for more than 10 years, Bremstaller shared the information that the company had recently delivered the entire hot water and steam system for the Sidra Medical and Research Center in Doha. “Sidra is scheduled to open in the coming months and will be the first seven-star hospital in the world,” he said. “Additionally, there is continuous great interest in our high-capacity shell and tube heat exchangers.”

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