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Bock selection software VAP

GEA Refrigeration Technologies

| | May 12, 2012 | 7:24 pm
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GEA Refrigeration Technologies has announced launching Bock compressor program for mobile and stationary refrigeration and air conditioning applications in a new 10.0 version of the VAP compressor selection software, claiming that compared to previous versions, the new version contains all the Bock compressors in one program. This, Gea says, guarantees that different user groups of the VAP software can now choose between two different sub-versions after the installation of the software.

The manufacturer explains the finer points of the software program:

The version with the Bock compressor program for stationary applications.

This version contains, for example:

  • Semi-hermetic compressors (HG, HA, ATEX, HG CO² T, HG R134a, etc)
  • Semi-hermetic units (SHG(SHA) L + RU)
  • Open type compressors (F)
  • Open type compressor units (FDK)
  • VAP for mobile applications

A version especially for applications, such as bus and rail air conditioning contains the following compressors:

  • Semi-hermetic compressors (HG12P-5, HG Alu, HG 2-pole, HG R407C, RKX26)
  • Vehicle compressors (FK)

The manufacturer lists other improvements and modifications in the VAP 10.0 version compared to the previous VAP 9.0 version:

  • Fast selection of compressor type – an option to select a compressor/unit type via picture buttons (in addition to the file structure)
  • New compressor series optimised for the refrigerant R134a: HG R134a compressors
  • Efficiency optimised compressors: HG(X)22e (e series)
  • For hydrocarbons (HC) as refrigerant (R290, R600a and R1270): HG HC compressors
  • Extension of ASERCOM certificates for the compressors HGX34e/255 4 + 315 4 + 380 4 with the refrigerant R134a
  • Update function
  • Available at www.bock.de/en/vap10.html.

GEA adds that it also offers for more than one year, online versions of the VAP-software that are also available at www.bock.de. It claims that these versions work without an installation and can also be used with smart phones or tablets and will shortly be adapted to the modifications of the version 10.0 as well.

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