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Wolf declares record sales

Claims over 1,500,000 heat generators produced in its Mainburg facility

| | Apr 14, 2012 | 3:14 pm
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Claims over 1,500,000 heat generators produced in its Mainburg facility

Wolf, the German-based HVACR and solar equipment manufacturer, has announced bigger market share gains with the sale of its 1.5 millionth heat generator rolling off the assembly line at the company’s headquarters in Mainburg at the end of 2011. This figure includes oil and gas-fired boilers, heating and condensing appliances, and heat pumps, which were produced in Mainburg between 1981 and 2011. More than two thirds of the 1.5 million appliances were sold on the German market, and Wolf exported over 350,000 heat generators to other countries, the company claimed. It further claimed that an annual comparison revealed substantial increases: around 6,000 appliances left the Mainburg plant in 1984-1985, while the corresponding figure in financial year 2011 was more than 80,000 heat generators.

“We are naturally delighted with the enormous demand for our products, and as the saying goes, 1.5 million customers throughout the world cannot be wrong,” said Karl-Heinz Knoll, Head of the Marketing Division of Wolf. “Our innovation and quality offensive, and the resulting test victories and worldwide references have contributed a great deal to our current image and the high standing of the Wolf brand all over the world.”

Bernhard Steppe, Chairman of the Board of Management of Wolf, added: “We have by no means reached the end of the line with 1.5 million appliances. On the contrary, we are looking to the future with great confidence. The market potential is enormous, and in our capacity as a system supplier, we can always offer the right high-quality solutions in the areas of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and solar.”

Steppe pointed out that a large proportion of the 18 million heat generators in Germany and the around one million air conditioning units now in operation are in need of replacement. “We must urgently increase the speed of replacement and create corresponding incentives in this respect,” he said. “The best and most energy-efficient appliances and technologies will not help us attain the environmental and climate targets if old systems still waste a great deal of the utilised energy.”

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