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Mittel acquires Pipeguard

Pipeguard provides monitoring solutions to Mittel’s district energy systems

| | Apr 14, 2012 | 3:08 pm
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Pipeguard provides monitoring solutions to Mittel’s district energy systems

Swedish energy technology company, Mittel Group, which specialises in building and maintaining systems for district energy, has announced acquiring Pipeguard, its long-term partner in the monitoring of district energy networks. Mittel described the acquisition as strategic, since advanced solutions for monitoring of district energy systems and providing early detection of leaks is an integral part of maintenance, and supplements its other business areas.

According to the announcement, Pipeguard, also known as PG Monitoring System, supplies a range of products for the measurement of moisture and leakage in the distribution of heat and cooling, and Pipeguard’s alarm systems are used to automatically monitor pre-insulated pipes, providing a current status report on the condition of the network. This, said Mittel, enables maintenance and surveillance staff to check water levels and temperatures in hundreds of network chambers from the comfort of their offices or vehicles without actually having to go underground.

“Pipeguard is a perfect match for Mittel,” said Karl-Gunnar Appelblad, CEO, Mittel. “With Pipeguard we can offer our customers and partners in Sweden and the rest of the world a total concept for quality assurance of insulated pipes for heating and cooling. Our clients will be the eventual winners. Good maintenance, including early detection of leaks, is crucial to optimise the quality of the networks and to maximise their life lengths.”

The announcement revealed that with its previous ownership of 10%, Mittel now owns 65% of the shares in Pipeguard. The remaining 35% is owned by Pipeguard’s staff.

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