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The Mini UV Germicidal UV Light

Fresh-Aire UV

| | Apr 14, 2012 | 6:12 pm
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Fresh-Aire UV

Saying that it inhibits mould growth and sterilises microbial pathogens and allergens for superior IAQ, Fresh-Aire UV, the US-based manufacturer of UV germicidal lights, has introduced the first ultra-violet mould disinfection light system designed specifically for mini-splits, PTACs and other ductless air conditioning units in residential and commercial applications.

The manufacturer claims that Mini UV’s patent-pending miniaturised components, consisting of two pencil-thin, 9 (L) x 3/8 (D)-inch UV lamps and a 6 (W) x 1.5 (H) x 1 (D)-inch, 120 or 208-230-VAC power supply, fit inside all ductless air conditioning brands and even the tightest compact mini-split spaces.

The manufacturer lists the following product features and advantages:

  • The Mini UV inhibits all mould and other biological growth on blower and evaporator coil surfaces and sterilises germs, viruses, allergens and other pathogens that can flourish in HVAC systems from condensation moisture and distribute throughout a building.
  • It saves energy and reduces maintenance costs, because surface areas free of biological growth promote optimum heat transfer and operate more efficiently.
  • It includes industrial-grade adhesive clips for quickly mounting the two lamps inside any ductless unit.
  • The power supply is small enough to fit inside most ductless system line set areas.
  • The prewired clips of the power lead and lamp cables snap easily into the power supply.
  • It is field-tested as 98% effective in reducing microbial growth.
  • The estimated 45-minute installation time for new and retrofit applications requires dropping the condensate pan to gain access to interior surface areas.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty on all parts.
  • Annual lamp replacements can be installed within minutes.

According to Fresh-Aire UV, the Mini UV is sold throughout North America and international wholesale HVAC distributors.

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