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Masterflux direct current compressors


| | Apr 14, 2012 | 5:48 pm
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Tecumseh Products Company, manufacturer of hermetic compressors, unveiled its new range of air conditioning and refrigeration products, including Masterflux – direct current (DC) compressors – at ACREX 2012, held at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre in India. Announcing this, the company said that the compressor range was designed specifically for battery cooling applications within the region’s growing telecommunications market. It claimed that the product was the first of its kind manufactured in India.

The manufacturer listed the following product features and advantages:

n The DC range features high-efficiency Tecumseh THK reciprocating compressors, specially fitted with brushless (BLDC) motors and an additional controller for correcting DC power to three-phase power.

n It has both fixed-speed and variable-speed capability.

n It has multiple applications, including cooling solutions for the telecom industry, refrigeration systems for beverage and marine segments and mobile refrigeration systems across urban and rural markets, and is also suited for solar-powered refrigeration systems.

n It is well-suited for the T3 ambient temperature range of up to 55°C, often seen in India and the Middle East.

n It is currently available at 48 V and provides 500 W of cooling capacity.

n New models are under development for both 12 V and 24 V applications.

Tecumesh claimed that it had already gained a foothold for the new Masterflux range in the Indian market by collaborating with some of the large telecom cooling equipment manufacturers in the country, and added that it had plans to expand the range to cater to smaller and larger applications in telecom and solar domains. Against this backdrop, Michael Noelke, Executive Vice President Global Sales, Marketing and Engineering, Tecumesh, commented that the launch of the compressors was indicative of the company’s commitment to provide high-end products to consumers in India and the Middle East.

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