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Leminar seminar brings fire ducting and acoustics into the spotlight

Leminar’s partner, Galloway Group, presents its acoustic and fire-rated ducting solutions

| | Apr 14, 2012 | 3:00 pm
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Leminar’s partner, Galloway Group, presents its acoustic and fire-rated ducting solutions

On March 14, Leminar hosted a technical seminar at Abu Dhabi Intercontinental Hotel on fire ducting and acoustics.

During the event, representatives from UK-based Galloway Group, a Leminar’s partner, delivered presentations on “Galloway Fenland Fire Duct System — a passive fire protection for HVAC systems” and “Galloway Acoustics — A comprehensive HVAC noise control solution.”

Gary Hall, Director — Galloway Group UK, provided an insight into Galloway’s acoustic products, which are available for Leminar to manufacture and sell in the UAE, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain.

As he explained, the Galloway core acoustic product range is generally split into three basic industry sectors: architectural, building services and industrial.

Hall pointed out that Galloway silencers are tested to BS4718 and ISO 7235 standards in an independent laboratory.

Furthermore, its products gained UKAS accreditation, which he described as “a second level of credibility”. This is achieved by the laboratory test facility being externally assessed for accuracy.

To ensure that it complies with the above standards, a sample product must be tested numerous times and the standard deviation between all the results have to be so small that the only inaccuracies that remain are those that are allowed within the test standard itself.

Given that no commercial laboratory in the UK had the facility to complete both sets of tests, the company partnered with Salford University, near Manchester, and built one.

Galloway’s silencer range includes 55 different rectangular silencer configurations (A1 to A55), Melinex equivalent (A1M to A55M), which means that it can offer 110 data sheets for rectangular silencers. The cylindrical silencer range comprises eight different data sheets.

The company also supplies five types of crosstalk silencers specifically designed for non-ducted applications.

As part of Galloway Group, which has been the certified licensee for Fenland Fire Systems since 1999, it has been able to produce fire-rated silencers.

The company also offers four types of standard acoustic louvres, designed to accommodate all potential applications, as well as complimentary non-acoustic louvres.

Galloway’s panel range consists of five different types of design ̶ type 1 being lowest performance and type 5 being the highest.

Hall claimed that all panel types 1 to 5 can be incorporated into three construction systems, primarily aimed at different applications.

Later on, Cameron Robertson, Technical Director — Galloway Group UK, elaborated on Galloway Fenland fire-rated duct systems, which are tested to BS 476 : Part 24, ISO 6944-1 and ISO 6944-2 standards and fire-rated for stability, integrity and insulation.

He explained that the main applications for this type of ductwork system, which is used to prevent fire from spreading, are escape routes covering stairways, lobbies and corridors, non domestic kitchens, enclosed car parks, smoke extract systems and basements.

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