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Stateview System II

Mittel Group

| | Mar 12, 2012 | 5:14 pm
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Mittel Group

Mittel Group, the Swedish district energy infrastructure company, has announced the launch of Stateview System II, a new version of Stateview, which it claims is the group’s advanced system for detecting leaks in district energy systems. Among improvements in the new Stateview System II is a 10-fold increase of the wireless reach to 1,000 metres, giving field workers a much improved work environment, the company added.

According to Mittel, Stateview System II is a portable diagnostic tool for district energy pipe networks and operates much like a radar, sending electrical signals along the pipes, and giving heating stations a valuable method for early detection of damaged pipes without the need to actually dig up the pipes or having to wait for the pipes to break.

The manufacturer lists other product features and advantages:

  • Easier administration of data bases
  • Upgraded server functionality
  • Easier and more user-friendly handling of the software –simpler installation, easier handling of updates and program additions
  • Improved functionality for the scheduling of tasks
  • Improved handling of information within work groups, with, for example, integrated community functionality

Commenting on the new product, Johan Sjöström, Project Manager, Mittel, said: “District energy systems almost always represent huge investments, with a need to protect these investments and not allow disturbances to harm daily revenues. A long life span is crucial, since energy systems, like so many capital-intensive infrastructure investments, only start paying off nicely towards the end of the life length.”

Stateview System II has been developed and marketed by Mittel’s subsidiary Stateview AB, based in Umeå, in northern Sweden.

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