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P3isomac panels


| | Mar 12, 2012 | 5:16 pm
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P3, manufacturer of pre-insulated aluminium panels and accessories for the construction and installation of air distribution ducts, has introduced P3isomac, saying that it has been created for panelling air handling units.

The manufacturer claims that P3isomac system consists of: special sandwich panels with facings of either sheet metal or aluminium and plastic profiles and section bars for the framing, and adds that tools have been specifically developed for their preparation and mounting and frame borders. The company says that it also offers service for the cutting and framing of custom-made panels, which are delivered ready to be mounted. According to P3, the panels can be used for a wide range of applications, besides panelling of air handling units, like panelling of industrial gates, fan boxes and machine tools, suspended ceilings, partition walls and suction filters.

The manufacturer lists the following product features and advantages:

  • The panels are produced utilising Hydrotec technology based on an international patent EP 1115771B1, which allows eliminating the greenhouse effect (GWP=0) and the impact on the ozone present in the atmosphere (ODP=0).
  • They are made of a polyurethane foam that, due to the high number of closed cells (exceeding 95%), has a specific heat conductivity value of 0,024 W/(m °C), thus providing a uniform and continuous thermal insulation.
  • The sandwich structure and the high density of the foam ensure a high level of soundproofing.
  • They are resistant to mechanical strains, responding well to traction and compression forces, erosion, deformation and corrosion.
  • The TSC system used for the production guarantees a continuity of thickness and adhesion between the sheet and the polyurethane foam.
  • The special PVC frame borders allow the panels to be fastened either from the inside or the outside, thus eliminating the problem of condensation, thanks to the thermal bridge created by the screws.
  • They are ready-made panels and come with either a do-it-yourself method or the turn key method.
  • They don’t need any extra work and hence don’t incur any extra cost.
  • The overall pneumatic seal ensures faster installation compared to the traditional screw-on system, and allows easy AHU inspection.
  • The panel is easy to remove, thanks to the “Stopper” system, enabling internal inspection and maintenance of the ATU.
  • The absence of internal protrusions reduces the risk of injury during UTA maintenance and cleaning.

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