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MCX Controller: MCX061V and LCX06C


| | Mar 12, 2012 | 5:18 pm
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Saying that programmability has become a reality for a wide range of HVACR applications, Danfoss has introduced MCX061V and LCX06C – its latest MCX universal programmable controller range. Danfoss claims that the new range offers functionality, flexibility and reliability and adds that the modular design can be expanded with the EXC expansion controls. Danfoss points out that added programmability makes it possible to find the programming solution that best suits the customer’s needs, while the open structure of the ACC accessory controls simplify connectivity with other standard communication protocols in the HVACR and industrial automation markets. Danfoss claims that the remote user interface allows programming the entire system’s function using the MMI controls.

The manufacturer lists the following product features and benefits:


  • It has a memory card slot to make software downloads easy, as well as data logging functions.
  • An Ethernet connection gives access to control data and web server functionalities.
  • With an integrated superheat control algorithm, it can also be used with a range of superheat sensor types, which makes cheaper sensors an option.
  • The integrated electronic expansion valve driver ensures maximum performance, while the 110-230 Vac power supply makes a transformer unnecessary.
  • With stable input signals, the possibility to count fast impulses for encoders or perform air speed readings and better control performance in terms of precision and tracking response, it is ideal for heat pumps, chillers, precision air conditioners and cold rooms with a single refrigeration circuit.


  • With the 32x74mm – the smallest controller in the range, it is suitable for stand-alone applications, such as small chillers, heat pumps, AHU and thermoregulation units.
  • Since it is programmable, it can be used in a wide range of applications, providing the number and I/O type is compatible.
  • Modbus RS485 serial communication is also an option and the MYK programming tool makes it easy to select and download software.
  • OEMs can add special functions to the standard application software, or write new software in the C++ standard programming language. This allows one software package for the entire machine range.

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