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Embraco launches bivolt control

Claims electronic solution adjusts voltage of the system

| | Mar 12, 2012 | 2:27 pm
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Claims electronic solution adjusts voltage of the system

Saying that voltage transformers are needed typically for equipment like refrigerators, freezers or refrigerator counters, which significantly increase the cost of the system and the space occupied by it in the final product, Embraco, a manufacturer of hermetic compressors for refrigeration, has announced introducing a commercially feasible solution to the problem. Launched in December 2011, the innovative solution is made up of a compressor developed with an electronic circuit board, which recognises the input voltage being applied to the product, automatically adjusting the voltage supplied to the system loads – compressor, fan, defrost resistance and light bulb. With an installed capacity of 2.5 million units for the new product, the first bivolt solution has reached the market in Brazil, a country where there are two standard voltages: 127 V and 220 V, Embraco revealed.

According to the company, the bivolt compressors are compatible with domestic refrigerators and freezers, but it will also offer bivolt compressors for light commercial applications, such as refrigerator counters and refrigerated display cases.

Embraco emphasises that the new development, which has generated five patents, benefits manufacturers, consumers and especially retailers, who will be able to better calculate their inventory to meet demands of peak consumption and will find it easier to plan distribution logistics and carry out regional promotions.

“Our history of innovation associated with the technological expertise, also in electronics, made the feasibility of a simple, efficient and unique solution possible in the refrigeration market,” said Roberto H Campos, Embraco’s Vice President of Business and Marketing, highlighting the product’s feature.

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