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DDC Model and DDFA Model

Al Dour Desert Freon Air-Condition

| | Feb 7, 2012 | 3:56 pm
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Al Dour Desert Freon Air-Condition

Claiming that they come with extra cooling capacities to supply cool air at lower temperatures and less humidity than any other desert coolers, Al Dour Desert Freon Air-Condition, a Saudi-based company, has introduced two new models – DDC and DDFA – all-year-round cooling and heating units with continues humidification. According to the manufacturer, the units are equipped with evaporative air coolers with additional refrigeration chilled water cooling systems for the summer, as also units designed with extra features to provide heating system and humidification in winter.

Highlighting the finer points, Al Dour says that the units are designed using painted G90 galvanised heavy-gauges steel with double wall insulation panels for maximum strength and durability. In addition, the units are furnished with aluminium washable air filters and auto water drain systems, eliminating dust and salty contaminated water, thus significantly reducing routine cleaning and maintenance.

The manufacturer lists other product features and advantages:

  • Non-submersible IP54 in-line water pumps externally installed to the water tank, eliminating electrical hazards compared to submersible pumps in conventional units
  • Dual dust elimination systems: designed for continuous circulation of water over evaporative cells during unit stop, providing dust-free air, and offering filtration of outdoor air entering the room through the unit in compensation to those amounts evacuated by exhaust fan
  • Low limit water level controller to switch off all pumps and motors in case of low water levels
  • Anti recycling compressor start: equipped with five- minute auto-time delay preventing frequencies of ON & OFF compressor cycling
  • Applicable to all types of buildings like, residential villas, schools shops, showrooms, mosques, factories, hospitals, restaurants, festival halls and sport centres
  • The ideal alternative for DX A/C units, saving expensive initial installation and operation costs
  • Equipped with room thermostat similar to central package air conditioning units, providing comfortable room temperature – Internal Air Quality (IAQ) – saving on water consumption and electricity bills

Al Dour adds that it gives one year warranty for all parts.

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