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Oryx Chapter launches website

Chapter President urges the sector to use online resource for expert advice

| | Dec 30, 2011 | 12:38 pm
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Chapter President urges the sector to use online resource for expert advice

According to a communiqué by ASHRAE’s Qatar Oryx Chapter, an event to announce the launch of its website was held at the Millennium Hotel, Doha, on October 31. During the event,

The President of the Qatar Oryx Chapter and Chairman of Qatar Society of Engineers, Hassan Sultan announced that the website, www.ashraeqatar.com was officially functional.

Addressing the gathering, Sultan said that ASHRAE, an organisation that is over a hundred years old, has been advancing the cause of the HVACR industry and promoting a sustainable world through its research, ASHRAE Standards, guidelines, handbooks and energy regulations. He stressed the need for all the ASHRAE chapters to liaise with engineers, engineering bodies, universities, research centres and governmental departments to spread awareness about ASHRAE Standards and guidelines and provide assistance to the HVACR sector whenever needed.

With special reference to the ASHRAE Oryx Chapter, he highlighted the fact that the Chapter, which opened in 2008 with 35 members, had grown to 169 members this year, with achievements in the field of research and technology transfer.

In his message he said that the Oryx Chapter was there to serve humanity and spread awareness in Qatar about ASHRAE Standards and assist in Qatar’s energy regulation and to make Qatar sustainable and energy efficient, with low heat and CO2 emissions and a clean environment. “We are available at our website to answer all questions and to provide help. So, please don’t hesitate to ask us – to ask the experts,” he added.

The event was sponsored by Faisal Jassim Trading; Gess & DRI; International Engineering Supplies; Jersey Group; Jumbo Electronics; KBE Air Movement Products; Leminar Air Conditioning; Metco Qatar; Maico Gulf (Dynair & Elicent); SPC; Thermobreak & FTC Qatar; and Takyeef Electromechanical.

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