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HG22 e

GEA Bock

| | Dec 30, 2011 | 11:42 am
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GEA Bock

After introducing model HG34e in October 2010, GEA Bock has announced that it now offers an e-series of the semi-hermetic 2-cylinder model HG22. Based on the current semi-hermetic product range, the company claims that HG22e is an efficiency-optmised generation of semi-hermetic compressors for all standard refrigerants, and that with technical optimisation, the product improves the energy consumption of all its compressors. Additionally, since it comes with improved motor-efficiency, as also gas flow and the valve system, it ensures a higher refrigerating capacity of the compressor at a lower drive power.

The manufacturer highlights other product features:

  • Optimised valve plate system
  • Optimised gas flow
  • Flow-optimised shutoff valves
  • Same mounting position as HG22P
  • Same operating limits as HG22P
  • Unchanged weight

Additional information about the HG22e, the HG34e as well as all technical data of the compressor is available on the company website www.bock.de.

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