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Danfoss announces green initiative

Will participate in a programme to help improve energy efficiency of Europe-based US Embassies through retrofits.

| | Dec 30, 2011 | 9:31 am
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Will participate in a programme to help improve energy efficiency of Europe-based US Embassies through retrofits.

Danfoss, manufacturers of electronic and mechanical components and controls for air conditioning, heating, refrigeration and motion systems, has announced its participation in a series of energy-efficiency makeovers of 10 US Embassy residences across Europe. The makeovers are the result of a partnership between the Alliance to Save Energy and the League of Green Embassies, a US Department of State initiative promoting international cooperation in energy efficiency and clean technologies.

Danfoss said that it will provide its energy-efficient radiator thermostats to the project for installation in each of the residences and listed the following participating embassies to undergo the makeover: Berlin, Germany; Bern, Switzerland; Bratislava, Slovakia; Lisbon, Portugal; Madrid, Spain; Paris, France; Rome, Italy; Sofia, Bulgaria; Vienna bilat and IAEA, Austria; and Warsaw, Poland.

“We’re excited to be part of this initiative that exemplifies the type of partnerships and collaboration needed to advance energy efficiency. The Alliance and League of Green Embassies are providing the leadership that is fundamental to creating an energy-efficient economy, and manufacturers have a platform to showcase available technologies – able to be deployed today – to reduce energy and emissions,” commented John Galyen, president of Danfoss, North America.

Andrzej Kramer, Vice President, Danfoss Residential Heating, added: “This programme demonstrates that energy efficiency can be, and should be the standard for doing business. The payback with these technologies clearly proves the value of investing in energy efficiency retrofits.”

According to the announcement, the League of Green Embassies is a collaboration between the US State Department, through its embassies around the world, the Department of Energy, the Department of Commerce and US Cleantech exporters and international stakeholders. The goals of the League include the advancement of the Presidential mandate to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in US Government buildings; to demonstrate the capabilities of US products and technologies to the world market; and increase the exports of US products and services. Since November 2010, the League is led by the US Embassy Helsinki and Ambassador to Belgium Bruce J Oreck, the announcement claimed.

Danfoss added that as part of the Alliance’s Energy Efficiency Global Forum (EEGlobal), in April, it participated in a similar energy makeover of the residence of US Ambassador to Belgium, Howard Gutman’s home in Brussels, resulting in energy savings.

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