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XARTO – Designer Swirl Diffusers


| | Nov 30, 2011 | 3:04 pm
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TROX TECHNIK has launched the XARTO swirl diffuser, which it says, provides design consultants with a large selection of refined designs to achieve creative and architectural design concepts.

The company says there are currently 10 design variants for even the most demanding aesthetic requirements. It adds that faceplate designs can be engineered to client specification.

The other features include:

  • ABS plastic, three dimensionally profiled swirl element behind the steel faceplate
  • Optimised plenum box with newly developed air distribution element and double lip seal
  • Uniform supply air discharge from diffuser
  • High volume flow rates with a comparatively low sound power level
  • Excellent levels of comfort as a result of low air velocities and low temperature differences in the occupied zone
  • Acoustically optimised damper for flow rate balancing

Technical Data:

  • Square face plate, diffuser in circular or square configurations
  • Volume flow range: 90 – 275 l/s; 325 – 990 m³/h
  • Sizes: 600 x 600mm and 625 x 625mm

TROX Middle East currently has the XARTO installed in its air-flow studio.

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