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Mittel TSC

Mittel Fjärrvärme

| | Nov 30, 2011 | 4:13 pm
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Mittel Fjärrvärme

Swedish district energy infrastructure specialists Mittel have launched a new version of the welding machine Mittel TSC. It claims the machine has the ability to make the joints of district energy pipes as strong and durable as the pipes. The company adds that the Mittel TSC can handle pipes up to 2,000 mm which is ideal for new district cooling markets like the Middle East.

It says the new welding machine is an improved version of Mittel’s TSC method for joining of district heating and district cooling pipes. The joints will last as long as the pipes and no shutdown is needed, it is claimed. The joints are normally the weakest link of the district energy systems owing to the exposure to moisture, abrasion and pressure with often costly energy losses and repairs needed as a result.

According to the company, the new version of the Mittel TSC can handle almost twice as big pipes, can measure the welded joints’ temperature more precisely, and is insensitive to variations in voltage – all of which results in a better operational reliability.

Mittel says that with the TSC method large heating stations and their customers will get better joints and ultimately a more reliable, cost effective, and sustainable district energy system remotely. The method is easy to use, flexible and with a low-end cost, it adds.

The company says the Mittel TSC has the following improvements:

  • It can handle joints up to 2,000 mm (previously 1,200 mm).
  • The welding machine has about 100% more power.
  • It has an improved measurement of temperature in the melt (previously the temperature was measured at one point, now all along the melt).
  • The machine is insensitive to voltage fluctuations, and is thus more reliable.
  • It now logs welds position (the machine is equipped with GPS).
  • The log files can be sent to a computer via Bluetooth.

The company says the new functionality makes Mittel TSC a very versatile, flexible and sophisticated system, with a more precise process control.

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