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IW Series Screw Compressor


| | Nov 30, 2011 | 2:56 pm
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Saying that it is exclusively designed for refrigeration, RefComp has announced the introduction of its IW Series screw compressor, which it claims is the first inverter-driven screw compressor range with integrated frequency control in the world.

According to the manufacturer, thanks to high efficiency at partial loads, which allows a more stable mechanical function compared to traditional compressors, the IW Series reduces electric power consumption to a minimum, making it cost-effective and energy efficient. Moreover, it ensures better preservation at a constant temperature, reached through the maximum reduction of thermal oscillation.

The manufacturer lists the following product features and advantages:

Technical specifications

  • Nominal motor powers: 90-120 Hp
  • Displacement from 365 to 505 m3/h
  • High-efficiency rotor profiles optimised for refrigeration
  • Inverter cooled down by refrigerant with automatic temperature control
  • High degree of partialisation with single compressor (30-70 hz)
  • No inrush currents

Available in a wide range of installed powers and displacements, ensuring the following benefits:

  • Extreme functionality, guaranteed by maximum possible power regulation accuracy
  • Higher durability, thanks to reduced mechanical and electrical stress, due to regular motor running
  • Wide customisation chances, thanks to electronic control of function parameters that allow obtaining of all the desired features

The manufacturer reveals that Integrated Frequency Control, being an exclusive technology developed by the RefComp technical staff, has already been successfully tested in 134-I series, which applies the same innovation even in the air conditioning sector.

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