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‘Understanding load component key to saving energy’

Al Reyadah stresses HVAC system design from building initial planning stage

| | Oct 31, 2011 | 2:05 pm
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Al Reyadah stresses HVAC system design from building initial planning stage

Al Reyadah, the UAE-based contracting company that serves clients in the Gulf region, has stated in an announcement that it highlighted the importance of using superior quality AC systems in green buildings in the UAE, at a recent technical conference held in China. The conference was hosted by Midea CAC and its sole agent, Elapco Electronic Appliances.

According to the announcement, Mohammed Swairjo, General Manager, Al Reyadah, said at the conference: “The UAE is one of the biggest users of air conditioning in the world, as the country needs air conditioning for more than nine months a year. The UAE has gone a long way in promoting green building methods and overall energy conservation. On the other hand, consumers should be more educated on the type of products they are putting into their homes, and what power consumption to expect.”

Al Reyadah stressed that the HVAC system design starts with the building’s initial planning, with the owner providing requirements for the project. In the light of this, clearly defined building functions at early stages can help iron out issues in the design process.

Delineating on this, Swairjo, said: “Understanding load components of different spaces is the key to saving energy. Constant loads include equipment or lighting loads, where there is minimal effect on weather changes on these areas, unlike variable loads that depend on people density. For example, if spaces are not planned well, energy is wasted. Techniques like night cooling or thermal energy storage can substantially reduce overall energy usage.”

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