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Qatar Cool CEO presents district cooling challenge

Qatar District Cooling Company CEO Fayad Al Khatib presented District Cooling & The Global Energy Challenge to delegates at the ecoQ at the Doha Exhibition Centre

| | Oct 20, 2011 | 5:37 pm
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Qatar District Cooling Company CEO Fayad Al Khatib presented District Cooling & The Global Energy Challenge to delegates at the ecoQ at the Doha Exhibition Centre.

Al Khatib outlined the global energy challenge facing the planet today, saying: “Two hundred years ago, one city in the world had a population of over one million. Today there are 281 cities in the world with a population of over one million. This growth is one of the major driving forces behind increasing CO2 emissions worldwide”.

“These emissions mean our planet is heating up. This, coupled with the 140,000 Km2 of forest destruction yearly leaves us with a major CO2 crisis which we, as global players, need to address”, he added.

Mitigating measures are taking place internationally through the Kyoto Protocol of February 2005, the European Emission Trading Schemes and the Greenhouse Gas Initiative in the USA.

Qatar’s 2030 National Vision outlined its Environmental Development Program highlighting environmental protection and green building solutions as one of the key areas to develop.

Qatar Cool’s district cooling technology incorporates energy saving solutions as part of its day to day operations. In the Middle East the demand for air conditioning uses up to 70 per cent of power available regionally. District cooling uses 40 – 60 per cent less power than conventional systems, with the ability to cool vast areas from one single plant.

The expected cooling demand in Qatar prior to the successful World Cup bid reached 600,000 TR. This amount of refrigeration needs 1200 MW of power using conventional systems, compared with 720MW through district cooling.

“As our history shows, our understanding of sustainability is closely linked to Qatar cool being responsible, innovative and leading. We have been monitoring and recording our operations over our six year history, allowing us to verify the energy and emission savings compared with conventional cooling systems. District cooling is the balanced solution between energy, environment and economy, making it an obvious choice in this harsh climate,” Al Khatib said.

In the area of the environment, Qatar Cool provides innovative services and solutions to improve the Eco balance.

Qatar Cool’s vision and challenge is to achieve excellence, to capture leading positions in the markets of today and tomorrow, to develop innovative technologies that help ensure the future viability of Qatar’s modern civilization.

Qatar Cool is affiliated with the International District Energy Association whose mission is to facilitate the exchange of information among district energy professionals to promote energy efficiency and environmental quality through the advancement of district heating and cooling. Qatar Cool has recently participated in Doha’s 3rd CSR conference to help drive local legislation for public and private entities.

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