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GEA renames companies

Says purpose is to simplify structural and organisational processes

| | Oct 31, 2011 | 4:36 pm
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Says purpose is to simplify structural and organisational processes

GEA refrigeration has announced that effective from July 1, the French companies under its aegis – GEA Matal, GEA Aerofreeze, GEA Geneglace and GEA Refrigeration Components (France) – are doing business under a new name: GEA Refrigeration France. The company explained that the synthesis of names and the amalgamation of the four companies, all located in Les Sorinières, offered benefits for customers, as complex refrigeration projects could be organised more simply under one roof. It said it was also beneficial for GEA, as the cross-section of departments were now more effectively organised.

According to GEA, earlier, in the spring of this year, it had combined the names of a number of its Dutch companies to form GEA Refrigeration Netherlands NV.

With these name changes, GEA revealed that it systematically continued its strategy of simplifying structures and of clarifying the profile of the companies. It pointed out that this had become necessary, because the GEA Group had grown over the past few years. Consequently, several companies were often represented in one country with portfolios that featured related products, as was the case in France.

The new structure, said GEA, allowed for approaching and supporting the customers of a country wherever possible by national, sector-related sales organisations that represented to each circle of customers the entire refrigeration-technology competence of GEA. This arrangement, the company believed, would simplify organisational procedure and facilitate better coordination for major projects.

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