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Focus on HVAC at Big 5 seminars

Event to host the latest breakthroughs in sustainable technology in the sector

| | Oct 31, 2011 | 2:49 pm
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Event to host the latest breakthroughs in sustainable technology in the sector

The HVAC sector has constantly been in the spotlight during discussions of sustainability and environmental stability. In the light of this, DMG, the organiser of The Big 5 exhibition 2011 to be held in November, has announced that exhibitors at the event will present new HVAC technologies, with an emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency, at the free-to-attend product seminars taking place on site. The seminars are reportedly one of the new offerings this year, with product and educational sessions, which will include case studies and discussions on the challenges involved in product purchase and solutions used to overcome them.

According to the organiser, the HVAC sector is going to be at the forefront of the presentation schedule, with new products being presented, especially from the region, which are classing themselves as innovative green technology.

Reflecting this aspect, Andy White, Event Director for The Big 5, said: “One of the biggest issues with air conditioning is the refrigerants used. Both the Kyoto Protocol and Montreal Protocol recognise this, and under these agreements, plans were put in place to ensure that the most damaging refrigerants be phased out. Therefore, there is a significant opportunity for suppliers and manufacturers in this arena.”

Explaining the relevance of the new products to the region, White said that changes in local regulations will have a huge effect on the way future buildings are cooled, with the Abu Dhabi Government, for example, stating the use of variable refrigerant flow units for new residential buildings. “Regulations are also coming into effect in Dubai for the use of thermal storage. Further improvements can be made simply by the choice of equipment,” White added.

Pointing out that manufacturers are playing a part in easing engineers and HVAC system designers through the changes that are expected to take place over the next few years, the event organiser said that major air conditioning firms have invested huge sums in the research and development of new technology to maximise energy efficiency and minimise refrigerant use. Many new products and technologies have been released that have greatly improved operational efficiencies, while also using the newer, more environmentally friendly refrigerants, as is evident by the latest product exhibits at trade shows, such as The Big 5, it added.

The products being launched at The Big 5 seminars will focus on inspection, maintenance and mechanical aspects, with features that ensure reduction in environmental damage.

Citing an example, the organiser said that one of the new products is Ecosmart from Nuaire, which is designed to incorporate speed control, BMS interface or simple plug-in remote controls, obviating the need for costly third-party controls and installation.

Another new product reportedly to be launched is the next generation MECHFit from Japanese COCOMECH, touted to be the only press-fitting without tools.

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