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Danfoss TR6 thermostatic expansion valves


| | Oct 31, 2011 | 5:31 pm
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Stating that they are designed for universal OEM replacement, Danfoss has introduced Type TR6 thermostatic expansion valves.

The Danfoss Universal TR6 valves are available in seven models that cover original equipment manufacturer (OEM) air conditioner and heat pump designs in a wide range of applications, from 1.5 to six tonnes in R-22 and R-410A systems.

According to Danfoss, all aftermarket TR6 valves have 3/8” by 3/8” connections and come with Aeroquip and Chatleff fittings, meaning that they can be easily installed into almost any residential air conditioning system. Danfoss claims that this feature simplifies stocking and inventory, as service technicians do not need to carry several different OEM valve designs on their trucks and wholesalers can be assured that they will have a replacement TXV for OEM equipment, regardless of who the manufacturer is. Danfoss adds that an internal check valve, adjustable superheat and adaptable inlet and outlet ports make them easy for contractors to install the valves after selecting the refrigerant, tonnage and connection type.

The manufacturer lists the following ideal applications for the valves:

  • Replacement of a piston type metering device for an efficiency upgrade: field studies have demonstrated energy savings of up to 36%.
  • Installation as part of a condensing unit replacement, including a TXV ensures that system efficiency is maximised and provides an easy contractor upsell.
  • OEM replacement: the included Aeroquip and Chatleff fittings ensure that TR6 TXVs easily replace factory- installed TXVs.

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