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VentureClad Jacketing System

Venture Tape

| | Sep 30, 2011 | 2:47 pm
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Venture Tape

Claiming that it is a zero-permeability and self-adhesive jacketing product, delivering significant advantages over traditional jacketing techniques, Venture Tape, a wholly owned subsidiary of 3M, has announced the marketing and distribution of VentureClad jacketing systems in the UAE.

Calling it a key addition to its range, the manufacturer says that the product offers an alternative to traditional jacketing systems, such as metal cladding, cloth and mastics that have traditionally provided good short-term solutions rather than long-term protection from the elements.

Made in the United States, the jacking systems are distributed by Unigulf Developments in the UAE. According to Unigulf, important projects in the UAE using VentureClad products include Dubai Healthcare City, Motor City and The Abu Dhabi Financial Center. It claims that there has been an increase in the acceptance of the products in the country in the last five years and that it anticipates future growth.

The manufacturer lists the following product features and advantages:

  • The jacketing systems are available in 1577cw and 1579cw in up to four different finishes and varying sizes.
  • The range of applications includes all HVAC projects, refineries, LNG pipelines, energy facilities and pharmaceutical plants.
  • It is UV-, humidity- and water-resistant.
  • It is zero-permeable, weatherproof and mould-proof.
  • It can withstand a wide temperature range, making it suitable for harsh environments.
  • It is UL-listed and ASTM E84-certified.
  • It comes with BS 476 parts 6&7 and IMO certification for marine applications and with independent testing for environmental suitability.
  • It is quick, safe and clean to use with a cut-peel-paste application.
  • It is durable, providing initial installed savings as well as reduced maintenance costs for clients.


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