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Trane capitalises on Qatar’s expansion

New office opened to keep up with the country’s growth

| | Sep 30, 2011 | 2:10 pm
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New office opened to keep up with the country’s growth

Against the backdrop of rapid economic growth in Qatar, Trane has announced expanding its staffing levels in its new office in Qatar.

In this context, Peter Blanchflower, Regional Marketing Leader for the Middle East, Africa, and India regions for Trane, said: “With the future of world markets continuing to be unpredictable at best, emerging economies around the world, Middle East included, are regaining some of their composure.” This, he feels, is especially true of Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. “Qatar is experiencing exceptional growth at the moment and is attracting considerable interest,” he revealed.

Throwing light on the challenges of the Qatar market, Blanchflower remarked that the rapid developments in the country have resulted in fast-moving projects. “Clients are in a hurry, and it is sometimes a challenge to serve everyone as well as we would like,” he said. Additionally, Blanchflower explained that although the Qatar market does recognise the benefits of efficient, reliable and durable equipment, it is not always ready to consent to the increased cost that comes with it at the point of sale. “Owners really do need to take a greater interest in total cost of ownership,” Blanchflower said “They need to consider what the system will cost to buy and operate over, say, 20 years. The additional expense of a few thousand dollars for higher efficiency and more reliable product will be paid back many times over the life of the system.”

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