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By a stroke of Fortune

LG gets to re-showcase the latest version of it Multi V at Dubai seminar

| | Sep 30, 2011 | 2:44 pm
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LG gets to re-showcase the latest version of it Multi V at Dubai seminar

Fortune International Trading, which has recorded a 10-year partnership with LG Electronics in the commercial air conditioning business, highlighted the Korea major’s Multi V III VRF system at a technical seminar on September 22 in Dubai.

According to LG, the Multi V III is the answer to the region’s needs, especially in the downturn, in which projects are characterised by uncertain occupancy profiles and a collective aspiration for a shaving of capital costs. The Multi V, air-cooled system, by way of negating the need for piping networks and cooling towers, is ideal for the region’s needs, LG’s engineers said during the seminar. They went on to add that the Multi V was a perfect-fit for office facilities, schools, mosques and similar developments.

H S Paik, the President of LG Electronics’ operations in the Gulf, went on to add, “With this product, we are confident that LG will be a leading regional provider of smart and efficient HVAC solutions.”

The Multi V, which runs on R410A, has a low ozone-depleting potential (ODP), a key point that the company’s representatives raised during an interview to Climate Control Middle East, on the sidelines of the seminar. They also spoke about the energy-efficiency benefits of the system. “Our COP – 4.3 – is very high when compared to other systems,” said Ju Won Kim, Senior Manager, Commercial Air Conditioning, LG Electronics Gulf. Added Dharmesh Sawant, the company’s Senior Manager for air conditioning: “Since the time we launched the system, which was three to four months ago, we have seen an increase in sales. In Abu Dhabi, we have done particularly well in the schools segment, which have a rather narrow window for installation, which is during the summer vacations. With the Multi V, we have been able to help them meet their requirements.

“Generally speaking, our system has benefitted from Estidama’s regulations in Abu Dhabi. You need to have a COP of 3.8 to get additional credits, and we have been able to achieve 4.3.”

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