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Leminar in Oman initiative

Next stop, Kuwait, says company CEO

| | Sep 30, 2011 | 2:38 pm
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Next stop, Kuwait, says company CEO

Leminar will be entering the Oman market in November with an HVAC distribution centre and sales outlet, the company’s CEO, Navin M Valrani revealed during the technical seminar, on July 21.

Valrani added that the company was bullish about Oman, considering the kind of investments the government had announced. “Through our presence, we will be representing our full range of products,” he said. “To achieve this, we will be reassigning top talent available in Dubai to Oman.”

Valrani expressed optimism about the venture, saying that the company would draw encouragement from its fine track record in the UAE. “We see our efforts in Oman as an extension of our activities in the UAE,” he added.

During his chat with Climate Control Middle East, Valrani also revealed the company’s plans for Kuwait, a market it was looking to enter in July 2012. “Kuwait is an interesting market with a lot of potential,” Valrani said. “There is the Silk City project and the Sheikh Jaber Hospital project, which is under construction. The kind of demand we saw in Dubai and Abu Dhabi we now see in Oman and Kuwait.”

Valrani further revealed that the company would work towards setting up a manufacturing facility in Kuwait. When questioned about Iraq, he said the company did not have any plans as yet; however, he added, setting up in Kuwait would give the company an opportunity to understand the dynamics of the market in Iraq.

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