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TROX launches EasyLab TCU3


| | Aug 30, 2011 | 4:50 pm
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TROX has launched the latest version of their LabControl System – the EasyLab TCU3.

With decades of experience and global expertise, TROX delivers the necessary know-how for the safe control and monitoring of air in rooms, fully equipped laboratories with fume cupboards, and in the field of cleanroom technology.

The key advantages of the new TROX LABCONTROL TCU3 system include:

  • Adaptable control methodologies : fume cupboard control, room supply air control, room exhaust air control
  • Simple integration into higher level systems through use of standardised interfaces
  • Plug&play system throughout for ease of installation, set up, commissioning, servicing, and monitoring
  • Communication via TROX network system, LonWorks, or BACNET
  • Simple system adaptation to project specifications and/or changing user requirements
  • Rapid amortisation of investment costs due to low operating costs
  • Simple installation of flow volume controllers and accessories on the fume cupboard
  • High operating reliability due to self-monitoring and report back function
  • Can be combined with a full range of VAV air flow control terminal units, other air control devices, and application specific air diffusion devices – all of which are readily available under the existing TROX product range – to deliver a complete LabControl system

Further areas of application expertise are in hospitals, teaching and research facilities, health and pharmaceutical facilities and wherever bespoke system solutions require engineering to maintain the required air flows and thermal room climate.

TROX Middle East has an operational demonstration kit available on request for in-house or remote location presentations.

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