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Food Chain – India 2011

16-17 November, Le Meridien Hotel, Pune, India

| | Aug 30, 2011 | 7:51 pm
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16-17 November, Le Meridien Hotel, Pune, India

Food Chain India is a two-day seminar that will closely examine best practices in storage and handling from an end-user perspective to ensure food safety (hygiene) and nutrition, and to minimise spoilage, thus maximising profitability. End-users include apex public-sector bodies, farmhouses, wholesalers, retailers and processors across various food categories.

The event is an opportunity for end-users and refrigeration equipment providers, including transport refrigeration, to exchange critical information aimed at overcoming challenges related to equipment, logistics, finance and marketability. In addition to refrigeration, air filtration equipment providers and duct manufacturers involved in the food industry will find the event useful. Food Chain India is unique, because it will bring together end-users and equipment providers working in India and in the international arena.

The event will create a platform for end-users to voice the several refrigeration-related challenges they likely face, such as:

  • Reliability and efficiency of compressors and other key equipment
  • The service provided by consultants, with relation to the design of large-sized distribution hubs and clusters, Controlled Atmosphere (CA) stores, pre-cooling facilities, supermarkets, hypermarkets and cold stores and with relation to specifying equipment, including transport refrigeration
  • The service provided by contractors, with relation to installation practices of large-sized distributions hubs and clusters, CA stores, pre-cooling facilities, supermarkets, hypermarkets and cold stores
  • After-sales service and training of in-house technical personnel by manufacturers and suppliers

Subsequent to that, the event will provide a structured opportunity to manufacturers, suppliers, distributors (channels), contractors, consultants and service providers (O&Ms, etc.) to respond with specific solutions to the challenges raised by the end-users.

Food Chain will create a robust bridge between the food industry and the refrigeration industry through information exchange, sharing of technological knowhow and through networking opportunities.

Food Chain is produced by Climate Control Middle East magazine, which has been tracking the refrigeration industry for over five years.


Mehwish Hilal, Events and Marketing Manager
Tel: +971 554 785011
Email: mehwish@cpi-industry.com

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