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Climate Control Awards 2011

23 November, Atlantis Hotel, Dubai, UAE

| | Aug 30, 2011 | 7:53 pm
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23 November, Atlantis Hotel, Dubai, UAE

As we approach the sixth anniversary of Climate Control Middle East magazine, it is with pleasure that we introduce you to the inaugural Climate Control Awards.

The theme of the Awards is ‘Winning in trying times’. It is a theme that aligns itself with the resolve among businesses in the GCC to emerge successful in the face of challenging financial circumstances.

While the endeavour is commercial success, the downturn has presented an opportunity to HVACR companies to reassess their business approaches, establish or sharpen best practices and, generally speaking, contribute to the demands of a paradigm shift in thought processes and in the implementation of projects. Best practices include and cover technical, environmental, financial, logistical and customer service functions.

Climate Control Awards will seek to recognise those companies that have plied their trade with honesty, daring, enterprise and with commitment and intent to work for the betterment of the region and the world at large from a long-term perspective.

The Awards will honour businesses falling into two broad segments: ventilation & air conditioning, and refrigeration. For the purpose of the 2011 edition, the scope of the Awards is the period starting from November 2008 – the landmark month when the fall of Lehman Brothers precipitated the crisis – to June 2011. The Awards Committee will assess how companies and individuals have fared during this period and ascertain specific actions they took to fight their way through adversity.


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