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Trane incorporates adiabatic feature

Company says the new feature will lower inlet air temperature by up to 20ºC, and will enhance efficiency even in high-ambient conditions

| | Jul 30, 2011 | 10:23 am
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Company says the new feature will lower inlet air temperature by up to 20ºC, and will enhance efficiency even in high-ambient conditions

Cooling systems operating outside design parameters typically run an increased risk of breakdowns, higher energy costs and lower operational efficiency. In view of this, Trane recently announced the introduction of an adiabatic cooling feature to help building owners and facility managers achieve optimal operating performance and energy savings.

Trane Adiabatic Cooling, the company claimed, improves HVAC system reliability and efficiency by decreasing the temperature of the air entering the coil. The air temperature reduction generated by adiabatic cooling can reach up to 20ºC. A mere 10ºC temperature drop generates an average of 13% reduction in power consumption, delivering immediate cost savings and environmental benefits, Trane said.

The adiabatic cooling concept uses the cooling properties of water by intermittently evaporating water on a large mesh in front of the coils, while preventing the water from actually reaching the coil. As a result, the air temperature drops before it reaches the condenser. Adiabatic cooling directly contributes to HVAC efficiency, helping the system maintain full load even during peak season. Occupant comfort increases, as the system operates at full capacity at all times, regardless of the ambient conditions, Trane said.

Implementing adiabatic cooling ensures reduced discharge temperature, as well as lower oil and motor winding temperature, Trane said, adding that these factors contribute to compressor and overall system reliability.

“Trane Adiabatic Cooling helps customers address the operational challenges that prevent a facility from reaching maximum efficiency, reliability and comfort,” said Jose Laloggia, service and parts leader for the Trane commercial business in Europe, Middle East, India and Africa. “Adiabatic cooling is designed to be flexible, simple to install and economical with very limited maintenance required so HVAC system performance can reach optimal levels.”

Adiabatic cooling provides the greatest energy relief to building owners and facility managers with systems operating in adverse conditions, the company added. Examples include environments with extremely high ambient temperatures, regular sand or dust storms, or a limited power supply. Locations dealing with air recirculation as a result of undersized installation clearances between units will also benefit, Trane added. Other applications include systems retrofitted with the high-pressure refrigerant R404a, which limits ambient air temperatures.

The mesh provides shading to the coils, thus avoiding the solar radiation effect. It also acts as a self-cleaning filter protecting the coils. The sectional mesh design allows adiabatic cooling to be installed in a wide range of air-cooled HVAC systems, from mini-splits to chilled water systems, Trane said.

The water spray system works with normal main pressures; a water pump or water treatment are not required, Trane said, adding that a dedicated controller ensures minimal water consumption.

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