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Jotun in green initiative

Company signals an intent to paint pharaoh-land green

| | Jul 30, 2011 | 10:51 am
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Company signals an intent to paint pharaoh-land green

Jotun Paints has announced that it is looking towards strengthening its market presence in Egypt with the introduction of its revolutionary ‘Green Single Source Solution’ concept across the country’s increasing number of construction and development projects. The company said the move reflects its commitment towards supporting the call for more sustainable buildings and infrastructure projects in the country. The ‘Green Single Source Solution’ is part of Jotun’s strategic initiative to provide a holistic approach to high quality and cost-effective paints and coatings solutions that are energy efficient and have low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), to ensure less impact towards people’s health and the environment, the company said.

According to Jotun senior executives, the increasing number of construction and development projects in Egypt is accompanied with the call to implement more green building policies and guidelines. The company believes that paints and coatings to be used in these current and future crops of projects should leave less of a carbon footprint and offer key advantages like durability, high performance, energy efficiency, and a strong capacity to minimise impact on air quality and add more aesthetic value to a project. In line with this, the manufacturer is launching the ‘Jotun Green Paint System’, which includes paints that qualify for many Green Building Rating Systems that are widely being followed across the globe. The launch follows the company’s recent participation as one of the main sponsors of the ‘Cost-Effective Sustainable Design and Construction Exhibition’, which was held for the first time in Egypt.

“Egypt is currently experiencing rapid growth and development in its construction sector, with investments expected to grow to around US$ 7.3 billion by 2015, said Tor Hatlo-Johansen, General Manager, El-Mohandes Jotun Egypt.” He added: “The anticipated entry of strategic infrastructure projects over the next five years comes with the growing demand for buildings and other development projects to be more ‘green’ compliant. Developers are now hiring architects and consultants with local experience and knowledge of designing and constructing energy-efficient and sustainable projects. The three things at the top of everyone’s agenda are sustainability, efficiency and cost. To meet this demand, Jotun is introducing the use of its ‘Green Single Source Solution’ as an effective measure that adds more ‘green’ value to these current line of projects.”

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