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ADC, Greenguard certification for ATCO

Company says flex ducts meet higher thermal requirements

| | Jul 30, 2011 | 10:34 am
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Company says flex ducts meet higher thermal requirements

ATCO Rubber Products, manufacturer of flexible ducts used for HVAC systems for residential and commercial applications, has stated in a communiqué that governments, local jurisdictions and utility companies are increasingly putting a premium on thermal performance, and demand higher thermal performance ratings on all duct insulation products. In the light of this, the manufacturer has said that it has developed products with industry standards, and supplies flex ducts that have varying R-values to meet higher thermal requirements.

The company has further stated that its insulated flex ducts are labelled with R-values classified by Underwriters Laboratories and the Air Diffusion Council (ADC) Seal of Certification. With 13 shipping locations coast-to-coast, ATCO claimed that it can deliver flex ducts with the necessary thermal ratings to a wide area.

The company claimed that in the region, the manufacturing plant, ATCO ME, located in Sharjah, made all its flexible ducts as per the UL certification. It said that it produced the inner cores and outer vapour barriers as per the guidelines of the UL listing, while the UL-recognised fibreglass insulation, made especially for flexible air ducts by Owens Corning, is shipped from the United States to comply with the requirements. The finished air duct is assembled in the Sharjah plant, with UL guidelines being followed at every step to maintain the UL listing as a Class 1 air duct.

Apart from this, the company said that its rubber and polyester core duct products have received the Greenguard school indoor air quality product certification, which states that ATCO’s products are designed to be “low emitting” in regard to volatile organic compounds, including but not limited to formaldehyde. The wide variety of flexible ducts that it offers meet stringent requirements of different countries, said ATCO.

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