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‘Durable products cut costs’

Ongoing operational costs of materials key consideration for FMs, says industry insider

| | Jun 30, 2011 | 12:57 pm
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Ongoing operational costs of materials key consideration for FMs, says industry insider

Speaking against the backdrop of the Facilities Management Expo, which was held in Dubai from May 17 to 19, Andrew Jackson, Director, SAS International, stressed the importance of choosing durable and long-lasting products at the initial specification stage that would take into account not only ongoing maintenance, but also meet sustainability demands.

Reinforcing his views, he said: “With life-cycle costs becoming an increasingly important part of the design process in the Middle East, the ongoing operational costs of every product in a building must be justified at the earliest stage of the procurement process. The facilities management (FM) of the buildings is also increasingly considered at this stage, with FM operatives now often involved in the selection process, and generally seeking long-life products with ease of cleaning and general maintenance.”

He explained that once installed, metal ceiling products offered an inherently hardwearing surface, making them hygienic and a low-maintenance option. On the other hand, suspended ceiling solutions meant necessary services, but provided ease of access for maintenance of integrated building systems with minimal downtime.

Jackson claimed that metal ceilings manufactured by SAS International were polyester powder-coated and, therefore, not susceptible to paint chipping and accidental damage, which were normally associated with mineral fibre panels. He further claimed that they had a high level of scratch resistance and did not need redecoration during their expected lifespan. A quality metal product that has been properly detailed would not suffer from pattern staining or air movement defect, he added.

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