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Techem radio system data III


| | May 30, 2011 | 2:59 pm
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Saying that the radio devices offer a control of energy costs, because recording and billing according to individual consumption could contribute to energy saving, and dubbing it a technological breakthrough, Techem has announced introducing Radio system data III.

In the context of introducing the new system, Techem points out that radio technology has positively revolutionised the entire process of measuring and billing heat and water, and says that data III offers the benefit of a technology, wherein the consumption data is recorded precisely and read without meter readers entering the consumer’s residence.

Radio system data III

According to Techem, the radio system data III serves the collection, saving and technical radio transmission for all data entry equipment required for consumption-dependent measuring devices. The devices consist of intelligent modules, each with their own battery, explained Techem, and added that the radio transmitters work in the 868 MHz frequency band and create no electro-magnetic load due to their low transmitting power and minimal transmission period.

Techem lists the following product features and advantages:

  • Easy to install and require no cables
  • Radio-controlled meter which is easy to retrofit
  • You can save time by transferring consumption data to Techem, as it is no longer necessary to make on-site appointments
  • Everyone can check their own consumption easily
  • The residents need not be at home on the readout day
  • No more estimates, as the reading is accurate, transparent, cost-efficient and prompt
  • Consumption data is recorded automatically and transmitted
  • No transmission and processing errors
  • No meter reader enters the apartment

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