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Inovec Micro-Watt cabinet fans


| | May 30, 2011 | 2:27 pm
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Aldes has announced introducing the second generation of low-energy consumption cabinet fans with Inovec micro-watt, a full range of seven C4 cabinet fans. The manufacturer says that the fans are fully cast in one piece, and the range covers any airflow up to 12000m3/h.

Aldes claims that the cabinet fans, benefiting from an innovative ergonomics, show higher performances and offer a large range of functionalities. It adds that while keeping a 400°C for half-hour fire resistance, the fans guarantee low-energy consumption with savings up to 30% compared to Aldes actual VEC microwatt range of fans.

The manufacturer lists other product features and advantages:

  • Noise reduction from 1 to 2 dB on acoustics fading, compared to Aldes previous range of fans
  • Adapted airflow up to 12000m3/h with a static pressure up to 300 Pa
  • Integration of practical functionalities for installation and maintenance phases
  • With micro-watt cast in one piece, the pre-built and prewired micro-watt box directly integrates into the fan unit
  • Allows both a front digital display and better control
  • Equipped with a vertical or in-line exhaust, offers two potential installation choices
  • Equipped with a large access door on its side, it is easy to reach the impeller and the motor and easy to maintain
  • Can be equipped with anti-vibration mountings located outside the fan to improve performance level and reduce noise
  • Comes with integrated handles for easy handling and transportation

According to Aldes, Inovec Micro-Watt cabinet fans are available in three sizes and seven models.

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