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Halton Marvel system

Halton Group

| | May 30, 2011 | 2:56 pm
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Saying that professional kitchens consume a significant amount of energy when compared to other spaces on a property, with ventilation in a commercial kitchen operating typically at 100% of capacity regardless of kitchen appliance usage, Halton Group has announced the global launch of Halton Marvel system, a demand-based indoor climate solution for commercial kitchens.

Halton Group, which markets, develops, and supplies indoor climate products and systems, points out that energy consumption can be cut in half through correct design of kitchen ventilation and demand-based ventilation and air conditioning systems. For example, it says that a typical restaurant can save thousands of Euros every year by using an energy-efficient ventilation system.

According to the manufacturer, Halton Marvel is the first intelligent, responsive, and completely flexible demand-controlled ventilation system for commercial kitchens.

The manufacturer lists the following features and advantages:

  • It surveys the status of each kitchen appliance constantly and adjusts the airflows and duct pressure levels accordingly.
  • It can be reprogrammed at any time in response to changes in kitchen or galley layout.
  • Adjustments are done hood by hood, totally independently to keep power consumption to the minimum.
  • Constantly operating ventilation systems waste heating energy. With Halton Marvel heat can be recovered from the exhaust air and used either for heating supply air or for heating water with a heat pump. Thus savings are achieved in both heating and electricity consumption.
  • It leads to greater profitability.
  • It provides better indoor environment and better work conditions with no unwanted odours and with the right temperature and moisture level.

Halton claims that the Marvel system has been awarded lnnovation prizes in the following countries: Netherlands –2010: Food Hospitality Innovation Award; Finland – 2010: Finbuild Highlights 2010; Poland – 2011: EuroGastro 2011 exhibition and Sweden – 2011: nominated as the finalist in Stora Inneklimatpriset competition.

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