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Three entities join hands to form TA Hydronics

Claim the move heralds new engineering advantage in HVAC efficiency

| | May 30, 2011 | 11:06 am
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Claim the move heralds new engineering advantage in HVAC efficiency

TA Hydronics, a newly formed entity, has announced the formalisation of an agreement between three HVAC companies: Pneumatex, a company dealing in pressurisation and water quality; TA, involved in hydronic balancing solutions and Heimeier, manufacturer of thermostatic controls. The three have come together to create a single ‘super brand’, operating under the new name, TA Hydronics, the announcement said, and added that the formal integration of the three companies would raise the standard in HVAC system optimisation. With the best brains and products in the industry united under one banner, TA Hydronics claimed that it reinforced its position as the global expert in hydronic distribution systems.

The company revealed that wasted energy in the HVAC sector had inspired the three entities to join hands, and elaborated that each year, a staggering amount of energy was wasted in buildings through HVAC systems throughout the world, and that despite technology and innovation offering more solutions than ever before, a majority of today’s buildings were less energy efficient than they should be.

According to TA Hydronics, it offers knowledge, system solutions and collaboration in three areas: pressurisation and water quality; balancing and control and thermostatic control.

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