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Damper actuators

Siemens Building Technologies Division

| | May 30, 2011 | 2:38 pm
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Saying that it is extending its portfolio of damper actuators, Siemens Building Technologies Division has announced introducing two new models – GAP and GNP.

According to Siemens, the new models complement its range of OpenAir damper actuators by special versions that are especially required for production centres, industrial exhaust systems and in connection with fume hoods in laboratories.

The manufacturer points out that on these and other crucial applications, it is important to have the right amounts of fresh air supplied within a short period of time. The company claims that the two fast runner actuators meet these requirements by delivering a torque of 6 Nm at a running time of only two seconds, enabling them to move air dampers quickly and to provide very accurate positioning and a high-holding torque. Accurate positioning and low power consumption in standby/holding mode help improve the actuators’ energy efficiency, says Siemens, and adds that the new actuators are suited for use with air dampers having an area of up to one square metre.

The manufacturer lists the following product features and advantages:

They can be controlled by two or three-position signals as well as DC 0/2…10 V or DC 0/4…20 mA signals. This wide choice of control signals affords straightforward configurations of plants matched to specific requirements.

The GNP is an electronic spring return model, which ensures immediate shutoff, should a power failure occur. The supercaps required for this function enable the air dampers to close within only two seconds due to their efficient power supply concept.

Owing to their compact design, the GAP and GNP damper actuators are suited for universal use.

Ease of installation is ensured by a self-centring shaft adapter and single bolt fastening.

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