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Adrian Kershaw, new CFO of Tabreed

Adrian Kershaw is backed by 15 years of career experience

| | May 30, 2011 | 2:09 pm
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Adrian Kershaw is backed by 15 years of career experience

National Central Cooling Company PJSC (Tabreed) has announced that Adrian Kershaw has been appointed Chief Financial Officer, effective from May 1. He replaces Steve Ridlington.

According to the announcement, Kershaw, who was formerly Tabreed’s Financial Director, joined the company in June 2010. He has over 15 years of experience in finance and accounting, and has worked across various sectors in the region and internationally for companies, including Corporate Publishing International (CPI) in Dubai, Macdonald Hotels Resorts, and Scottish Newcastle Plc in Edinburgh.

In the context of Kershaw’s appointment, Khaled Al Qubaisi, Tabreed’s Managing Director, said: “As Tabreed’s Finance Director, Adrian is well-versed with the company’s financial management, and his new role is a natural progression of his responsibilities. Over the past year, he has played an active role in the company’s recapitalisation programme and in establishing a best-in-class financial reporting framework at Tabreed.”

Placing on record Ridlington’s contribution to the company, Al Qubaisi added: “On behalf of the Board of Directors, I want to acknowledge Steve’s role at Tabreed over the past two years. He has been a valued adviser, leading the Company through its recapitalisation programme, and he leaves behind an invaluable legacy. Everyone connected with Tabreed is indebted to him, and on behalf of them, I would like to thank Steve and wish him well for the future.”

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