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Seminar to spotlight insulation, fire protection

Fundamentals of insulation – critical selection factors is to be a key point of discussion at ASHRAE Oryx Chapter seminar

| | Apr 20, 2011 | 3:53 pm
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Fundamentals of insulation – critical selection factors is to be a key point of discussion at ASHRAE Oryx Chapter seminar

The ASHRAE-Oryx chapter, in association with M/s FTC Qatar WLL, will be conducting a full-day seminar on two topics –

Fundamentals of insulation – green buildings and Passive fire protection systems. The event will be held on April 30 at The College of North Atlantic (Building 1, Lecture Hall: 1). The presentations will be made on the following topics:

Presenter: George Georgiou, International Sales and Marketing Manager, Sekisui Foam International

Topic: Fundamentals of insulation – critical selection factors and their effect on long-term building sustainability

  1. Introduction
  2. Insulation – centrepiece of the green building concept and energy savings
    • a) Global perspective (USA, AUS)
    • b) Future trends
  3. Fundamentals of insulation – critical factors that affect selection and performance
  4. Safety in insulation systems
    • a) A review of current fire and smoke standards and trends
    • b) Deficiencies in current standards
    • c) Third party certification systems
  5. Examination of insulation critical performance factors – theory versus reality
    • a) Thermal conductivity
    • b) Vapour permeability
    • c) Water absorption
  6. Changes of insulation performance over time and implication to owners
  7. Decision-making for insulation – upfront cost versus long- term benefit
    • a) Current trends in decision making
    • b) Lack of awareness of the importance of insulation
    • c) Lack of “long-term” energy-saving perspective
  8. Illustration/comparison of energy costs in running AC systems using different types of insulation
    • a) Energy-saving predictor software (Sekisui)

Presenter: Edward Gaynor, Technical Advisor, Promat Fire Protection

Topic: Passive fire protection systems

  1. 1. Fire and smoke penetration seals
    • Theory of fire compartmentalisation
    • Failure criteria
    • Penetration seals and fire performance
  2. 2. Promat solutions
    • a) Fire rated duct works
    • b) Fire-testing methods
    • c) Design considerations
    • d) Advantages board solutions
    • e) Promat solutions
  3. 3. Fire and blast-resistant walls
    • Advantages of demountable barriers
    • Promat solutions for demountable barriers

According to the Chapter, ASHRAE members who wish to attend the event are requested to confirm by e-mail before April 27, after which the registrations will close. For more details, Seenu Pillai of the Chapter is available at +974 5562 6509.

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