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P3 Gulf pre-insulated aluminium ducts


| | Apr 20, 2011 | 4:30 pm
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Asserting that an aluminium duct system is the best solution for air conditioning transportation systems with pressures up to 1.000 Pa (100 mm of water column) and dimensions of up to 2.500 mm, Unigulf has introduced its P3 Gulf pre-insulated aluminium duct system. The manufacturer claims that the P3 ductal system can be used in any application – ducts installed internally, externally, in aggressive environments or those with strict hygiene requirements. The system is not only based on pre-insulated aluminium panels but is also made of accessories, equipment and know-how customised for the construction and installation of ducts, the manufacturer adds.

Unigulf lists the following product features and advantages:

Energy and eco sustainability:

  • Water foaming Hydrotec patent allows ecological expansion without the use of greenhouse effect gasses with GWP = 0 and ODP = 0
  • Maximum utilisation of AHU performance
  • Increase in efficiency

Thermal insulation:

  • High thermal insulation with a thermal conductivity value of λi=0,022 W/(mºC) measured at 10ºC

Air seal:

  • Invisible flanging system facilitates elimination of longitudinal leaks and reduction of the ones in the transversal junctions
  • Improved air seal class, according to the UNI EN 13403 standard

Fire safety:

  • Low fire participation
  • Compliance with the principal international safety standards
  • Performance to demanding tests (ISO 9705 – Room Corner Test)
  • Reduced smoke emissions, low toxicity and opacity of fumes

Sound resistant:

  • High acoustic comfort due to efficient linear attenuation, especially at low frequencies
  • Vibrations and resonance blocked by insulating panel

Clean air and hygiene:

  • Internal aluminium surface eliminates particle release problem
  • High level of hygiene guaranteed by aluminium, suitable for food industry
  • No contribution from the material to proliferation of bacteria
  • Availability of panels with antibacterial treatment


  • Reduced weight compared to sheet metal ducts
  • Reduction of load on the bearing structure
  • Reduction of bracketing points
  • Reduction of labour and time needed for installation

Easy construction:

  • Easy transportation
  • Quick changes on site possible
  • Coded construction procedures

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