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Multi V III commercial air conditioner

LG Electronics

| | Apr 20, 2011 | 4:35 pm
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LG Electronics

LG Electronics on March 23 unveiled its new Multi V III commercial air conditioner in the GCC, at Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, targeting large-scale facilities, such as commercial buildings, office complexes, schools, mosques, residential buildings and retailers. The third generation of the Multi V series, the new air conditioner will be LG’s flagship product in the region, where demand for energy-saving technology is growing fast, the company said.

According to LG, the launch of the Multi V III is part of LG’s plan to secure $10 billion in global sales by 2014.

The company claimed that the Multi V III came with three key consumer benefits: higher energy efficiency, larger capacity and longer piping design. The increased piping length of 1,000 metres gave architects greater flexibility in locating the condensing unit, the company said.

LG has listed other product features and advantages:

  • The V-Scroll inverter boosts the energy efficiency of the unit.
  • The unit comes with a cyclone sub-cooling circuit.
  • A new refrigerant distributor delivers a COP (coefficient of performance) level of 4.6 for heating and 4.3 for cooling.
  • Its 16HP capacity per unit (with a maximum of 48HP with four connected units) and smaller space requirement makes it easier, more efficient and cheaper to install and maintain.

Referring to the new air conditioner, HS Paik, President, LG Electronics Gulf FZE, said, “As a company with a strong focus on producing energy-efficient products, we feel that the Multi V III addresses all the major HVAC requirements of businesses in the Gulf. With this product, we are in a strong position to work with our dealers and business partners in the region to make LG the leading provider of smart and efficient HVAC solutions.”

Mario Seneviratne, Managing Director, Green Technologies, FZCO, added: “LG is launching a more energy-efficient product line, which feeds into the sustainability and energy awareness programmes globally, thus making it easier for engineers, contractors and developers to achieve their environmental objective as well as reduce their operating costs.”

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  1. This sounds like what I want for a building that I manage in Harare, Zimbabwe. Please advise me soonest what I need to have this system installed. If you have agents in Harare, Zimbabwe they are free to get in touch with me

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