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Judge Dr Nawal Al Hosany, after consulting her technical advisor, Ghaleb Abusaa, presented the closing remarks. An Emirati, she spoke from a national, regional and a global perspective …

| | Apr 21, 2011 | 12:19 pm
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Judge Dr Nawal Al Hosany, after consulting her technical advisor, Ghaleb Abusaa, presented the closing remarks. An Emirati, she spoke from a national, regional and a global perspective …

On behalf of the organisers, it is my pleasure to thank all of you for your constructive participation, which enriched the subjects discussed. It is my fond hope that the conclusions reach all concerned parties both domestically and internationally for the well being of humankind.

After listening to the debate over the two days and my discussions with the advisor, the following are my conclusions and recommendations:

1. There will always be a demand, room and need for all types of air conditioning systems.

2. A full and detailed study for each case or project needs to be conducted, taking into consideration the full lifecycle cost of the available choices.

3. It is the responsibility of the leaders of the HVAC industry and the media to raise the public awareness of the importance of expanding their concerns to beyond personal concerns and benefits to include the region’s concerns and the globe at large to preserve the environment and the national resources for generations to come.

4. Consultants and contractors need also come up with recommendations to the concerned authorities to apply standards, incentives and penalties that lead to higher industry standards while having a balance between responsibilities and interests of all parties involved.

5. As there will always be a demand for all types of air conditioning systems, our target should be the use of the best technology and efficiency of each of the types of air conditioning systems rather than comparing one type with the other when the best of them is not feasible to implement due to any valid reason, whether technical or economical.

6. For highly populated development projects, it is always advantageous to integrate district cooling with other utilities, such as localised power generation, utilisation of waste heat, TSE and renewable energy to boost efficiency and achieve a high degree of sustainability.

7. Wherever standalone systems prove to be the best choice through proper feasibility study, utilisation of solar energy and geothermal applications need be incorporated.

8. Since the above-mentioned recommendations are considered to be costly under the prevailing conditions, they may not be feasible financially when all the cost is shouldered by one party among many – developer, service provider and the clients/end users/tenants – it is important to share the cost in a fair and just manner among the parties involved, in accordance with the benefits each party shall enjoy.

9. At a project level, the relationship among developers, service providers, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and end users is considered to be dynamic, and it will correct and balance itself in a free and transparent market, according to the demand and availability, controlled by both ethics and rules.

10. At the country level or region level, the public utilities’ budgets and expenditure is directly affected by the efficiency of the technologies used in the projects; in order to minimise and control such expenditure, a set of rules and standards, including incentives and penalties, need to be implemented.

11. At the global level, all of us should work hard to contribute to the well being of humankind, and influence the protocols and standards and not wait to be influenced by them.

12. For that sake, I strongly recommend that CPI Industry and Climate Control Middle East with your participation and contribution will continue with such innovative summits. It will be my pleasure to be with you again in your future summits.

Finally, I wish success for all of you and your efforts for the prosperity of our country.

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